Arizona Territory 1857

It all began here in 1857. Marie McOwen, a town villager, was found dead in the saloon while she was working at night, with a teeth mark left on her neck. Eye-witnesses reported seeing fresh blood over her face. Not long after, many more victims had been found dead all over town. Many town-folks blamed the native Americans for the cause of the death. They assumed that the native Americans had brought their ancient dark magic to summon those kind of demons to the land. On the other hand, the native Americans also said that the white people had brought the curse to their motherland, and this was the punishment of mother nature herself.

A few years after, the US government tried to fix this mystery by sending many men to investigate and these men added to the death toll. While people were living in fear, Jake Collins, the local town pastor, finally figured out what was hunting those poor villagers in cold blood. How? He was actually one of the victims. He saw the creature up close and he tried to tell everyone in town but no one believed him, they thought he had gone crazy. His body was found by Collins Jr., his son, in his room with a gun in his hand. He had left his son a journal with his findings and research of this demon.

The journal confirmed that it was a shape-shifting demon that had been consuming the blood of the living. In the morning, it’s able to blend into the crowd like a normal person, and lived among us. When night falls, its eyes turned black, and its true nature is unleashed. Over time, this demon is called Daywalker.

Just like the other demons, they all fear the Holy One. Metal bullets don't work with them. The one thing that is fatal to them is a wooden stake or wooden bullet pierced right to their heart. The time has come, gear up your arms and the wooden stake, and may the Holy God protect you and your family.

Billy Geissler Kinda cocky guy, heavy gambler.
Atlas HickersonHe was once a detective. He believed that law alone cannot make the town better. Many bad guys are still roaming free. So he decided to become a vigilante. Sometimes, death could bring us justice.
Stern RinkerAka Stern The Lone Wolf.
Nobody knows his background.
Lilly ButlerThe Butlers is one of the most well-known family of the American Old West.
She carries the legacy of her family and she needs to prove herself worthy among men by becoming the sheriff.
Montgomery JacksonA new deputy in town,
barely knows what was really going on.
Frank McCallA retired deputy became an outlaw to continue his work.
Fr.Jake Collins Jr.Continued in his father’s faith, and his work
regarding the Daywalker.
KlahAfter his father died, he became the chief of the tribe to protect his people and his beloved sister.
AnabaBrave free spirit. Good at fighting and hunting.
Weapon of choice: bow and arrow. 

Sally JamesInnocent young woman.