World building and Dreamt up by Keegan West

The Great Weave is a shared, living world, within the Age of Sigmar universe. With collaborative world-building and game creation tools, in addition to an amazing community of narrative players from across the world, the Weave has been created out of love for those that want a richer experience within this wonderful world of magic, heroes, and monsters.

The FaeThey are the nightmare, the eyes in the dark, the mocking imitation of what once was. Child Snatchers, Dream Breakers, Fate Weavers, The Living Lie. The Fae have returned to the Mortal Realms.
The FaeTapestry of Fate

Orruk Megaboss vs Fae —Tapestry of Fate
Errrrr Soulslayer
Banoffee Eater
Cerlanna Darkwalker
Borgut Facebeater
Cerlana the Blind Elve
Verbric Volturung
Xiao Hannu
Errrrr Soulslayer
Beliana Fauncrest
Raith Witchblade
Vorghur Boarfrenzy
Drekazra the Unbowed